Conditional Visibility

Social Media Icons of team members uses conditional visibility to only show icons when there is a link for it in CMS. To learn more about conditional visibilty please go through this tutorial:

Changing Blog Page Layouts

To change the blog page layout, go through the following steps:
1. Go to the desired blog page layout. For example: Blog Detail Page 3.
2. Select the page wrapper, press right click and select "Copy" or press Ctrl/Cmd + C.
3. Go to the "Blog Posts Template" page.
4. Select the current page wrapper and add a class to it named, Hide. Then set it's display to none.
5. After selecting the body element, paste the page wrapper you copied by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + V.
6. Locate the collection list inside the wrapper and go to the settings panel on the right.
7. Under limit items, uncheck the limit box.
8. Now, go to filters and select Blog Post from the options. Set it as, Blog Post is current Blog Post. Then click on save.
And you're done! The new layout will be applied to all the blogs you post from then on.

Note: If you need to go to the original layout, Remove the "Hide" class from the previous page wrapper and add it to the active one.

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